About QUB Swimming, Waterpolo and Lifesaving Club

Queens Swimming and Waterpolo Club is the longest established club at the University, apparently dating back to the era of flannels, although some members still by choice choose to sport these ultra flattering and uber performance enhancing outfits!!! This forthcoming year is very much going to be an exciting one, fun and frolics aside, with the addition of the Lifesaving discipline in 2010 within the Club - just to make our title longer and more annoying to say!!!

Our aims are simple;

  • Train like a fish
  • Compete like a dolphin
  • Drink like a whale

No but seriously.... we hope to allow all members to develop their skills within the various disciplines and improve performance, provide opportunity for members to get involved in various competitions and events and of course to fully engage all members, by choice or any other means possible in the fun and scandal of the social elements of the Club!!

See full size image SWIMMING

We accept all swimming abilities within the Club from the weaker swimmer right up to the competitive participant. We are a multi stroked club trying to get the ability, fitness and technique of all members improved. We make sure no one is left out and try to do as many group sets as possible making sure everyone can progress. The pool is split into lanes of ability so swimmers can work with those of a similar standard. We try to vary our sets to make sessions both enjoyable and productive. 'Tea Time', a times session will occur at the start and end of each term to monitor and record progress and identify areas for improvement.

See full size image WATER POLO

The waterpolo element of the club has a reputation you may have already heard about (all good of course and nothing to do with the alcohol intake ability of the team)! All abilities are welcome and training involves basic drills to improve technique as well as 'friendly' (some get a little too friendly!!) matches for game practice situation. We are also working this year to get more matches with local teams to increase our experience and improve our play. Our main waterpolo event in the year is of course the infamous waterpolo varsities which this year are to be held in Limerick, which see lots of lovely non-training attending faces turn up! Our Club calendar also ends with a trip to Eindhoven in June for a Netherlands University Competition which involves a cold lake, tents and lots of Dutch beer - not to be missed!!

See full size image LIFESAVING

Lifesaving was introduced to the Club in 2010 when the club had 4 members on the NI commonwealth team. This incoming term is going to prove quite a challenge as we try to get the sport established within the club. We hope it will attract more members, allow us to compete in more competitions and most importantly provide basic life support and life saving skills to students. In training we will focus on the skills required for speed lifesaving, building stamina and improving performance for the many multidisciplinary events. We have purchased lots of lifesaving equipment including fins, ropes, manikins and torpedo buoys to get us started! We are also hoping to offer members short courses to enable them to achieve life support and life saving qualifications such as the Bronze Medallion & Life Support 3. This will in turn allow us to enter teams into many lifesaving competitions and events.